10 June 2023

Brief history

Key dates in the history of FEATS

1976 The first festival, in Rotterdam, organised by the Anglo-American Theatrical Group (now AATG).
1976 A first, informal, Steering Committee set up. First joint meeting of AATG (The Hague), BATS (Antwerp) and ECC (Brussels) held in Brussels.
1977 The name FEATS – Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies – chosen.
1978 First festival held under the name FEATS. NWTC from Luxembourg joined the steering committee.
1980 Formalisation of the Steering Committee when a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the four rotating Host Groups.
1981 Groups from the United Kingdom excluded from all future FEATS.
1983 First four-day festival.
1986 Idea of a FEATS newsletter proposed.
1990 The first Fringe Festival organised by the AATG in The Hague.
1991 FEST (Frankfurt) became the fifth member of the Steering Committee.
1992 First FEATS Forum meeting held (under the title of “Meet the Committee”).
1993 The method for choosing the groups changed, from being a “first name out of the hat” draw with geographical weighting, to the present three-list system.
1996 The first Web page, part of the University of Geneva site, set up.
1996 Scoring system modified to include 10 points (previously 5) for “innovation”.
1998 Major update of the FEATS rules. First Permanent Secretary to the Steering Committee appointed.
1999 FEATS acquired its own Web site: http://www.feats.org/. Maximum play length increased from 45 to 55 minutes.
2001 Non-returnable entry fee instituted (initially €50).
2004 First edition of the FEATS Fact Book.
2006 FEATS Web site moves to feats.eu address (although feats.org is maintained in parallel for a number of years)
2009 “Innovation” points removed from the scoring system.
2010 FEATS database goes on line.
2012 FEATS rules published in full.
2018 Return to the single list as the basis for the selection system.
2020 For the first time since 1978 FEATS does not take place. FEATS 2020, scheduled to be held in The Hague, is cancelled as a result of the Corona virus pandemic.

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