10 June 2023
Kulturhaus Mersch

Announcing FEATS 22

Kulturhaus Mersch, 26 to 29 May 2022

FEATS is on track to be a live festival after two years of Covid-19 induced interference. Hosted by the New World Theatre Club of Luxembourg, FEATS will be alive and well and located in Mersch, a bustling town some 20 km north of Luxembourg city.

Being as we are in the midst of global (and local) change, FEATS 22 will respond to this challenge and offer some new elements. For the first time, there will be:

  • a theme, “Changing Times”
  • an acting area on the same level as the auditorium with a thrust stage in front
  • evaluator feedback replacing formal adjudication.

The theme is intended to provide inspiration to groups in the choice and presentation of their plays, as a stimulus to try something new, to be innovative.

The same-level acting area and thrust stage have been chosen to provide greater contact between actors and audience, and to allow new permutations of playing style.

For the first time in FEATS history, performances will be appraised by an expert evaluator rather than an adjudicator. In an effort to both inspire creativity and to encourage innovation, we are introducing a new system of recognising excellence which will do away with the adjudicator marksheet and prize giving in favour of an unencumbered evaluation. In this way we hope to foster a festival atmosphere where theatre makers can feel free to create and develop.

The FEATS 22 website is under construction and will shortly be open to the public. At present there is just a brief introduction to the changes envisioned for 2022. Preliminary plans of the stage will be made available as soon as possible, as well as a guide to how to make the best use of a thrust stage for those who find the prospect daunting. (Nothing to worry about, it’s dead easy.)

And if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the co-ordinator, John Brigg.

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