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What is the future of theatre and the live performance arts?

by David Crowe on 19 April 2016

At FEATS 2016, Nigel Harvey will be running a special workshop which aims to examine (and encourage!) creativity in FEATS. Here’s what he has to say about it. “FEATS has been a major part of my life since I decided to pursue a career in the performing arts. One weekend every year where I can […]

Latest news

by David Crowe on 20 May 2015

The rail strike ends officially at 19.00 this evening. There may still be some disruptions to timetables, since rolling-stock is not where it’s expected to be. But the travel news is definitely brighter for FEATS-goers. The FEATS 2015 Web site will be carrying updates to travel news, or check the official Deutsche Bahn Web site.

“What’s on” calendar: plug your own show

by David Crowe on 23 November 2014

With a view to improving communication within the FEATS community we are planning to introduce some new interactive features in the Web site. The first one is now implemented. It gives users the chance to add their own “What’s on” events to the FEATS calendar. For several years we’ve been listing productions that might be […]

New year, new look

by David Crowe on 12 January 2014

Happy new year to all, and best wishes for 2014. The FEATS Web site is in the process of being given a new look. At the same time, a few changes are planned which should make it more informative and useful. It will take a little while for everything to be put in place. You […]