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FEATS 2018: tickets now on sale

by David Crowe on 7 April 2018

You can now book tickets for FEATS 2018, which takes place in the Fakkeltheater, Antwerp, from 18 to 21 May. Twelve groups from five different European countries; twelve plays; four evenings of great entertainment. See the running order on the FEATS 2018 website for a taste of what’s to come. Seats are limited, so it’s a […]

UK all winners 2018 cancelled

by David Crowe on 3 March 2018

The British All Winners Drama Festival, due to be held in Rugby has had to be cancelled. See the announcement on the National Drama Festivals Association’s official site for more information. Winners of FEATS are eligible to be invited to take part in this festival, and have a good record of competition.

FEATS 2017: the awards

by David Crowe on 6 June 2017

Well, it’s getting on for two o’clock in the morning, and your webmaster has to confess that he has drunk a glass or two of wine. Nevertheless, here are the results of FEATS 2017, subject to correction in the cold light of day. First place: Theater de WAANzin with The Tempest by William Shakespeare Second place: Hamburg […]

More success for University Players, Hamburg

by David Crowe on 23 April 2017

Over the Easter period the Manx  Amateur Drama Federation held its festival of full-length plays. Among the entries was Lift Not the Painted Veil, by Julie Lerpiniere and Nigel Harvey, and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (adaptation by Svenja Baumann), combined into a single production and performed by the University Players, Hamburg. The initiative came from Nigel […]