30 January 2023

FEATS 2014: who’s on when

 Kinneksbond – stageThe running order for FEATS 2014 has been announced:

Friday 6 June

  • Dance with Winter by Michael Hilton, Anglophone Collaborative Theatre of Stuttgart
  • The Worker by Walter Wykes, Frankfurt English Speaking Theatre
  • The Virtue of Pretty Penny, or, A Vile Murder Foil’d by Simon Palmer, Tagora, Strasbourg

Saturday 7 June

  • The Ribbon by Guy Las, Entity Theatre, Munich
  • The Last Supper by Tom De Beckker, British American Theatrical Society, Antwerp
  • A Night in November by Marie Jones, Irish Theatre Group, Brussels

Sunday 8 June

  • It’s on You, John by Charlie Lucarotti, Lucerne World Theatre Company
  • Solveig by Brendan McCall, Ensemble Free Theater Norway
  • The Extraordinary Revelations of Orca the Goldfish by David Tristram, Semi-Circle, Basel

Monday 9 June

  • Amateurs by David Auburn, Hamburg Players
  • Death by Woody Allen, New English American Theater, Stuttgart
  • La Franco by Anne-Marie Bellefroid, AATG, The Hague

For more information about the festival, where it takes place, how to get tickets – in short, everything you need to know – see the FEATS 2014 Web site.

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