30 January 2023
FEATS 2020 cancelled

FEATS 2020/2021 news update

As we reported earlier, FEATS 2020 in The Hague has fallen victim to Covid-19.

The FEATS steering committee met (via videoconference) on Sunday 29 March, and took the following decisions:

  • FEATS 2021 will take place, as planned, in Brussels.
  • Groups originally selected to participate in FEATS 2020 will be given first refusal to perform in the main festival in 2021.
  • They may (but are not obliged to) propose the same play they had intended to present in 2020.

Invitations for FEATS 2021 will be sent out in June, in accordance with the usual timetable, by the English Comedy Club of Brussels, who will be hosting.

Looking forward to FEATS 2021!

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