30 January 2023
Roll of tickets

FEATS Frankfurt 2017: ticket sales

Important information received from the chairman of FEATS 2017

All ticketing will be via the English Theatre Frankfurt (ETF) website, www.english-theatre.de.


  • Single night: €20
  • Three nights: €50
  • Four nights: €70

How ticketing works

  • FEATS 2017 Organizing Committee publishes running order of plays in the festival on 31 March
  • Tickets go on sale on 2 April
  • Two weeks later the ticket marketing machine cranks up and publicity about tickets goes out actively to the general public
  • Single tickets may be purchased and paid for directly on the website
  • Season tickets for 3 or 4 days will be purchased in the form of a numbered voucher, also via the ETF website
  • Once you have purchased a voucher, this may be exchanged for individual tickets for specific evenings, again via the website and by using the voucher number as payment. This last stage may also be done at the box office itself, but we recommend doing this in advance.
  • No reservations – you either buy tickets online, or take a chance that seats will be available at the box office on the night(s)
  • Fringe productions are free – no tickets required

Other information relevant to ticketing

  • Capacity: The ETF has 298 seats, but once we keep a few free around the adjudicator and most of the balcony free for participants on their show night, that leaves about 250. So don’t delay in buying your tickets – we love a full theatre!
  • Please also note that tickets to the party we are planning for Saturday 3 June will be sold separately. Check feats2017.com at a later date for more information

Reminder that the cast and crew of Performing Groups only need to buy tickets for 3 evenings. Your cast and crew badge for the evening you perform allows you access to the balcony to see the other two shows on your performance evening.

We look forward to seeing you in June.