10 June 2023
FEATS 2005 poster

Reelin’ in the years: FEATS Hamburg 2005

What? Hamburg 2005? You mean 2015?

No, really. Ten years ago the FEATS Web site had a set of pages devoted to the then-current FEATS in Hamburg. A lot of things have changed since then: Hamburg public transport seems to have been more expensive; Internet technology was nowhere near as sophisticated; and Web design itself has changed for the better. But FEATS was more or less the same, and regular FEATS-goers will recognise many of the participating groups (and maybe even remember some of the plays)

The Hamburg 2005 Web site looks very dated now, but is nevertheless worth a visit. Remember a lot of the external links will no longer work, so don’t be surprised by the odd “page not found” error. And don’t trust the travel map!

See also the programme, poster, newsletters, etc., in the FEATS archive.

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