SC meeting, Frankfurt, 8 October 2016

by David Crowe on 10 September 2016


  1. Apologies for absence
    Sue Seth
    Jenni Mikulla
  2. Minutes of the meeting held in Brussels on 8 May 2016
    1. Matters arising
  3. Reports
    1. Newsletter
    2. Web site
      To discuss: overlap between FMS and information published on Web site – e.g. group list, selection lists. Keeping both systems updated is time-consuming and unreliable.
    3. NDFA/GoDA
  4. Reports on FEATS
    1. FEATS 2016 Brussels
      Chairmanship passes from AATG to ECC.
    2. FEATS 2017 Frankfurt
    3. FEATS 2018 Antwerp
    4. FEATS 2019 Munich
  5. Restricting the number of original scripts in a single festival.
  6. Request from Redman 16, newly formed Munich group, to be considered for FEATS 2017; see correspondence. The link is to their Facebook page. The domain, which they were using, has expired. (!)
  7. Selection of groups for FEATS 2017
    Interactive lists now updated.
  8. Creativity in FEATS
  9. FEATS winners certificates
  10. Other business
    1. PDF of programmes 2014, 2015, 2016 (see 2014 links to, currently defunct; 2015 and 2016 do not exist because I haven’t received the programme. (With apologies if I have received it and forgotten that I have it.)
  11. Date of next meeting