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FEATS 2000

9 - 12 June 2000

Municipal Theatre,

Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

Adjudicator: Mike Tilbury

Two of the groups originally selected to take part in FEATS 2000 (ESTEC & Copenhagen) had to drop out and have been replaced by FEST and TAGORA respectively.

The plays that have been entered for FEATS 2000 are:

(N.B. This is NOT a programme schedule. Plays are listed in the sequence of the Selection Table.)


MWSACT, Maastricht Day One (*) by Marq Riley

Hamburg Players The Actor’s Nightmare by Christopher Durang

Bonn Players Heart’s Desire by Caryl Churchill

Round Tower Players, Luxemb. Ruby’s Blues (*) by Michael Woods


Geneva English Drama Society Moonlight on Water (*) by Neil-Jon Morphy

de WAANzin, Ghent Hamlet - A Revenge by 

English Comedy Club, Brussels Man of Letters by Tim Firth

Frankfurt English Speaking Th. Bouncers by John Godber


British American Theatrical Soc., Antwerp
Extraordinary Revelations of Orca the Goldfish by David Tristram

Combined Actors, Rheindalen Professor Taranne by Arthur Asamov

InPlayers, Amsterdam An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley

TAGORA, Strasbourg (no details yet known)  ["Wounds to the Face" - Webmaster]

(*) = Original Script

Hospitality Bulletin

From the NWTC hospitality co-ordinators: 
Ann Overstall 
Tel: +352 33 96 71     Fax: +352 33 19 34
e-mail: overstal@pt.lu

Angela Milne Tel: +352 66 01 92

The NWTC FEATS 2000 Hospitality Team look forward to welcoming you to Esch-sur-Alzette for the weekend of Friday 9th June to Tuesday 13th June 2000 and to making your stay a thoroughly enjoyable one. If you have any problems or questions about hospitality, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Ann or Angela.


Although Esch-sur-Alzette is Luxembourg’s second largest city, it is a small, friendly place with much of the centre pedestrianised. There are good shops, numerous cafes and restaurants, many with an Italian flavour, a legacy of those Italians who came to work in the iron and steel industy at the end of the nineteenth century. For those who want a change from plays and fringe activities, the countryside is within walking distance, there are museums about the mining past and France is down the road. In the other direction, 17 kilometers away, Luxembourg city offers every cultural and historical diversity. The main language spoken is Luxembourgish but most people speak French and many have some German, English, Italian and Portuguese as well. 


The four evenings of one act plays will take place at the Theatre Municipal ( Esch Théatre) which is on the corner between the Place de la Resistance and the end of the pedestrianised Rue de l’Alzette, Esch-sur-Alzette


The ‘Fringe’ will take place in the Kinosch of the Kulturfabrik Centre Culturel, 116 rue de Luxembourg, Esch, on Saturday, Sunday and Monday afternoons. 

All enquiries should go to Margaret Love, tel: +352 78 80 25


The Café Ubu on the 3rd floor of the theatre will remain open after the adjudication each night until……


This will take the place of the usual party and will be on SUNDAY not Saturday evening. The set will be the informal Café of the Kulturfabrik where a simple meal, wine, coffee and disco will be laid on. Tickets (price 750 LUX) can be ordered on the Ticket Order Form enclosed with this newsletter.


The Hospitality Desk will be in the Theatre Municipal on the third floor in the Café Ubu. There is a lift opposite the Box Office. Chris Wilson and her team will be able to give you information on:

FEATS 2000 Fringe Festival

Tourism, walks, including one to see 

the ‘art nouveau’ facades of Esch

Travel around Esch, taxis

Emergency medical services

Places to eat and drink

You will also be able to: 

Buy programmes

Food and drink tickets

Collect badges


All transactions will be in Luxembourg Francs (LUF) or Belgian Francs (BEF) which are interchangeable. There are plenty of cash machines including one opposite the Municipal Theatre.


From Germany or Belgium, head towards Luxembourg City, then follow signs on the motorway system to Esch-sur-Alzette. From France, take the motorway to Esch-sur-Alzette shortly after crossing the border. Take the exit marked Esch sur Alzette. Follow ‘Centre Esch’ and go straight ahead at the first major crossroads (Aral garage on L, Pharmacie on other corner). The parking area for the Kulturfabrik (Fringe centre) is in the supermarket Cactus car park, about 50 metres on the left after the crossroads. The Kulturfabrik entrance is about 50 metres further on on the left.

For the Municipal Theatre continue straight on past the Kulturfabrik along the Rue de Luxembourg until the road divides. Follow signs towards Gare, continue past the station keeping the railway line on your left. Follow the curved ring road round south side of the city until you see the sign ‘Theatre Municipal’ to your right. 

To reach the Acacia and Topaz hotels, follow the ring road, watching out for signs.

To reach the Renaissance Hotel, watch for signs at the entry to the town.

DIRECTIONS TO ESCH – by public transport

From Luxembourg Airport take a taxi or the bus waiting at the entrance to the railway station (Gare Centrale).

From Luxembourg railway station trains leave for Esch-sur-Alzette every 30 minutes.


An Advance Ticket Order Form, which can be used for both theatre tickets and the Sunday Night Get-Together, is available from the Hospitality Team, or by clicking on this link:   TICKET FORM

Bank charges have to be paid on every cheque so please minimise the costs by combining your ticket orders wherever possible. 


Adjudicator for FEATS 2000

Mike Tilbury has been actively involved in theatre all his life and divides his time between acting, directing and adjudicating. He is Chairman of Trinity Theatre Company, based in Tunbridge Wells, and was the immediate past Chairman of The Guild of Drama Adjudicators during a time of considerable change and modernisation. He has sat a number of times on the examining panel at the Selection Weekend for prospective adjudicators and has run a number of acting workshops, as well as appearing several times at the famous Minack Open-Air theatre in Cornwall. His last productions as director have been Tennessee William’s The Glass Menagerie, Kay Mellor’s A Passionate Woman, and, most recently, Alan Ayckbourn’s Communicating Doors.

His adjudicating work has taken him all over the country but his furthest assignments have been to Gibraltar, Guernsey and to Spain, where he adjudicated the Costa Del Sol Festival - in English, with temperatures in the 90’s and bats flying around the auditorium! He has adjudicated the English, Welsh, Irish, Scottish and British Finals of the All England Theatre Festival as well as the All Winners Festival for the National Drama Festivals Association. He is delighted to be making his debut at FEATS.

He is married, the father of fifteen year old twins and lives in East Sussex.


We would encourage you to stay in Esch itself as there will be a local fair (kermesse) on in the town and parking may be difficult at certain times of day. As the hotels are few and all quite small, please book early while the rooms are still available. All the hotels are within 15 minutes walking distance of the Municipal Theatre (for the main festival) and the Kulturfabrik (site of the Fringe and the Sunday Night Get Together). Special prices have been negotiated for FEATS participants in some hotels but availability is only guaranteed up to 7th May. All have bath or shower en suite. Reservations are to be made directly to the hotels quoting ‘FEATS’. Most of the hotels have rooms for 3 or 4 people, so ask 

Hotel name & address room rates comments

2 Place Boltgen


Tel: +352 54 19 91

Fax: +352 54 19 90

quote ‘FEATS’

Single B/B 2.570 LUF

Double B/B 2.900 LUF

30 rooms reserved out of 40

Large rooms, can be made into triples

Covered parking. 

Reserve with room. 280 LUF per day


10 rue de la Liberation


Tel: +352 54 10 61/63

Fax: +352 54 35 02

quote ‘FEATS’

Single B/B 1700 LUF

Double B/B 2600 LUF

23 rooms including 2 triple

Parking in multi-storey car park opposite


5 rue des Remparts


Tel: +352 53 14 41-1

Fax: +352 53 14 54

quote ‘FEATS’

Single B/B 1800 LUF

Double B/B 2800 LUF

Small, comfortable hotel but no rooms reserved so book early

Capacity 22 rooms. 

No twin beds in double rooms !

Street parking nearby


48 Bd J.F. Kennedy


Tel: +352 54 11 88


quote ‘FEATS’

Single B/B 1500

Double B/B 2500

Opposite station. attached to cafe/bar and skittle alley. A bit shabby but being redecorated - clean and surprisingly spacious. Very steep wooden stairs.

Boite Postale 20


Tel: +352 54 10 69 & 54 22 20

Fax: +352 54 96 30

First class camping site with every facility.

Within walking distance of town going in, downhill, but not returning!


1A rue de Reckange


Tel: +352 55 06 09

Fax: +352 57 34 33

quote ‘FEATS’

Single B/B 1300 LUF

Double B/B 1800 LUF

In village 4 km from Esch.

Easy access from motorway.

20 rooms reserved 



Zone d’Activite "Cloche d’Or"

Boite Postale 1541 


Tel: +352 49 00 06-1

Fax: +352 49 06 80

quote ‘FEATS’

Single B/B 3200 LUF

Double B/B 3900 LUF

(twin or double bed)

Modern glass & steel, luxurious conference style hotel. Paying parking but plenty of free parking outside at weekends. 

Use of whirlpool, sauna, fitness included.

Located in commercial development near motorway, 15 mins from Esch and 10 mins from Luxembourg ville.


Some of you may prefer to stay in Luxembourg City. We have made arrangements with two hotels near the railway station as it would just be possible to use the train service to and from Esch if you did not want to use a car. There are trains every 30 minutes, the last trains leaving Esch at night being at 23.18 and 23.48. The journey takes 22 minutes. For information about other hotels, please contact Ann Overstall or Angela Milne.


16 Place de la Gare


Tel: +352 49 00 11-4020

Fax: +352 49 00 099

quote ‘FEATS’

Single B/B 3400 LUF

Double B/B 3800 LUF

Large four star hotel, recently renovated

15 rooms reserved but approach them for more

Plenty of public parking nearby

Very good terms


Coin avenue de la Liberté/

1 rue de Strasbourg

Boite Postale 21126


Tel: +352 29 11 22

Fax: +352 29 11 33

quote ‘FEATS’

Single B/B 2500 LUF 

Double B/B 3600 LUF

some Triple B/B at 4400 

5 rooms reserved

Some private garaging at 300 LUF per 24 hrs


from Margaret Love

The idea for the Fringe was conceived in 1989 at FEATS in Luxembourg, took its first steps in 1990 at FEATS in The Hague and was truly up and running when the English Comedy Club hosted FEATS ‘92 in Brussels. Since then it has gone from strength to strength. The Fringe offers all those out there who for one reason or another are unable to take part in the main Festival an opportunity to participate in our unique celebration of theatre. Perhaps your group’s name was not drawn out of the hat, perhaps your piece doesn’t meet the criteria, perhaps your real talent is music, maybe you enjoy giving workshops. It’s OK ! You can do it on THE FRINGE !!

The Fringe will take place on Saturday, Sunday and Monday afternoons and, with your active support, mornings also. The venue will be the amazing Kulturfabrik, the old slaughterhouse which was wrestled from the hands of the demolishers to become the cultural focus of Esch and is now fast becoming a sought after venue for the whole of Luxembourg and visiting, International performers,. The cafe-bar is a focal point, open all day and into the small hours, where those of you who fancy singing to a small guitar might enjoy performing in an informal atmosphere.

We are offering a playing space in the Kinosch, a small cinema with raked seating and acting area at floor level. The possibility of projecting onto the fixed screen is one you might like to consider. The screen will be draped in black for general use. A plan and some technical information can be sent to anyone interested.

Dressing room and set storage will be limited, possibly minimal (sorry we are unable to be more precise at this time), so please bear this in mind when planning.

These are early days and we’re not getting too formal yet, but write to me either in general terms with your early thoughts or call if you want to discuss possibilities. Flexibility is one of our aims and we don’t want to get too serious about things, but it would help to know if you’re interested. We would like to have your response by April 28th at the latest, but the sooner the better. Please don’t forget that performing rights are required for your act, including any original work.

Fringe Team: Co-ordinator: Margaret Love, 8 rue de l’Ernz, L-6196 Eisenborn, Luxembourg
Tel: +352 788025 e-mail: mgt.love@pt.lu

Technical Mgr. Les Wilson, 2c Wenkelhiel, L-5680 Dalheim, Luxembourg
Tel: +352 676664 e-mail: les.wilson@pt.lu

Stage Manager Gavan Guilfoyle, 41 Ave. Gr.Duc Jean, L-1842 Howald, Luxembourg
Tel: +352 290640 (H) +352 254142-227 (W) Fax: +352 254139

FEATS 2000 Organising Committee




Tel. (+352-)

Fax (+352-)


Chairman Clíodhna Dempsey 12 rue Michel Rodange
L-7248 Bereldange
33 92 44 (h) cdempsey@europarl.eu.int
Secretary Pamela Carlisle 62 rue Principale
L-5367 Schuttrange
35 87 78 (w)
35 63 39 (h)
35 87 78 pamela.carlisle@pt.lu
Treasurer Pauline Lloyd 78 rue Dange St Romain
L-8261 Mamer
33 55 89 (w)
31 15 70 (h)
31 37 55 rflloyd@compuserve.com
Stage Manager John Brigg 1 rue Th. Eberhard
L-1451 Luxembourg
26 488 320 (w)
44 66 80 (h)
26 488 610 JBrigg@luxconsult.lu
Hospitality Ann Overstall 23 rue Kennedy
L-7371 Helmdange
33 96 71 (h) 33 19 34 overstal@pt.lu
Publicity Jane Philpott 2 rue Principale
L-5465 Waldbredimus
66 10 85 (h) 66 10 85 jane.philpott@zdnetone.com
Christine Mitchell 18 rue de Moutfort
L-5355 Oetrange
4301-32468 (w)
35 83 64 (h)


Contact Addresses

One of the perennial problems for the FEATS Organising Committee is maintaining contact with all the various groups that make up the FEATS community.

If your contact address has changed, please make sure that you keep the Organising Committee informed. Please send any changes of address, telephone/fax numbers and e-mail addresses to Pamela Carlisle (at the above address).

Fascinating Endeavours Activating Tremendous Senses

In a moment of folly, the FEATS 2000 Organising Committee decided to launch a little exercise to start people fantasising about the festival.

There will be no prizes for this one. The FEATS Publicity Team would like to invite one and all to come up with some stunning one-liners, using the letters F, E, A, T, S (in that order), to give an example of what can be found at a FEATS Festival or what it is all about or what the aims are or the essence - anything which has some connection with theatre, or FEATS or feats of entertainment.

Please send your brilliant contributions to

Christine Mitchell, 18 rue de Moutfort, L-5355 Oetrange, Luxembourg 
tel:        e-mail:

FEATS Steering Committee

The members of the FEATS Steering Committee are:

EEC (Brussels): Sarah Scheele (chair)

AATG (The Hague): Dympna Donnelly

BATS (Antwerp): Pat Arn 

NWTC (Luxembourg): Ann Overstall

FEST (Frankfurt): Wendy Jane Jones

The next meeting of the Steering Committee will take place in Luxembourg during FEATS 2000

Any matters that you would like to address to the Steering Committee should be sent to:

Angela Dodds, FEATS Hon. Secretary
Jan Moorkensstraat 9,  B-2600 Berchem, Belgium 
Tel (h):       Tel (w):  

FEATS Steering Committee Meeting

A meeting of the FEATS Steering Committee was held at Ann Overstall’s house in Luxembourg on Saturday 18 March. 
A wide range of topics were discussed, but the most serious issue to be addressed was the problem of payments. Banks are now levying high charges for processing international cheques. Each year, the organising committee of the current festival has to collect money for ticket sales, party tickets and various other payments - and nearly all of these are paid from outside the hosting country. Bank charges are levied per cheque and, with a large number of small cheques to be processed, the costs can be very high. On top of this, the use of Eurocheques (which have provided an easy and relatively inexpensive method of paying money between EU countries) are being phased out.

The committee discussed various alternatives, including setting up a VISA account for FEATS and collecting ticket money in cash at the theatre, all of which will need to be investigated in more detail. If any readers of this newsletter have experience of international banking and can offer ideas as to the cheapest and most effectively way to make payments between individuals in EU countries, please get in touch with Sarah Scheele (rue de Repos 15, B-1180 Brussels, tel: +32-2-374 0622, e-mail to sarah.scheele@skynet.be). In the meantime, please help to reduce the costs by combining your ticket orders under a group booking (covered by a SINGLE cheque/transfer). As you will see, the enclosed ticket order form includes a charge of 225 LUF PER CHEQUE to cover bank charges, so the fewer cheques you send, the lower the cost to you and less money has to be paid to the bank.

Other topics discussed at the Steering Committee meeting included a progress report on FEATS 2000, plans for FEATS 2001 (in The Hague), the FEATS Website and website funding, a replacement for the Verulam Award for Best Original Script and the future editorship of this Newsletter.

If you have any questions or ideas to put forward for the next Steering Committee meeting, please contact the FEATS Hon. Secretary, Angela Dodds (address above).

The FEATS Website

David Jayne has been very busy setting up and developing the new FEATS website at FEATS.ORG. The site has been expanded considerably and now contains a lot of interesting and valuable information, not only about FEATS but also about other related theatrical activities. All the available space has been used - and that is without any pictures.

The Host site (NoMonthly.com) has proved to be very reliable. Because the host is somewhere in America, we do not suffer from the peak hour traffic problems that some European based sites do. Please do recommend our Host site to anyone who is planning to create a website - we may earn a small commission.

Plans for the future include a redesign of the page colours, a possible personal focus on FEATS characters, more historical information about FEATS, City pages and theatre plans etc.

David has been disappointed by the lack of feedback about the website and he would welcome your comments and input. What do you think about the colour scheme? What would you like to see included? Would you like photographs and fancy graphics ?

Any comments or questions about the Website should be addressed to

FEATS Homepage


The FEATS Homepage is now established at its new website.

Please will all webmasters ensure that the hyperlinks in their websites 
are set up accordingly.

For more information about 
FEATS on the Internet, please contact 
the FEATS Webmaster, David Jayne


FEATS 2001

1 to 4 June 2001

Host group: AATG
The Hague.

Stockholm Players present "The Ghost Sonata"

at the British Finals in Llandudno, North Wales

Friday 7th and Saturday 8th July 2000

To mark the new millennium, the British Finals this year will be a very special "one-off" occasion. The winners of FEATS’99 and the winners of this year’s All Ireland One Act Finals have accepted the invitation of the British Final Committee to appear with their UK national counterparts; although, as this is the British final, they will not be taking part in a competitive capacity. The final will be held for the first time in the elegant Edwardian holiday resort of Llandudno, at the North Wales Theatre which, with its ultra modern design and spacious conference facilities, promises to be an ideal choice. The adjudicator for the Millennium Final will be Irene Rostron GODA. There will be three productions each evening instead of the usual two, and various other events (Gala Brunch, guest speakers etc.) are being organised. 

Full details of booking arrangements, accommodation etc. can be obtained from 

Gary Thomas, Administrator, Drama Association of Wales,
The Old Library, Singleton Road, Splott, Cardiff CF24 2ET

It would be marvellous to have a large FEATS representation in Llandudno to support and encourage Stockholm Players, who will be performing on the Friday night. Ann & I have already booked our seats and our accommodation (at The Royal Hotel) and I am told that a party from Geneva is being organised by Anne Everett. If you would like any additional information, please contact me, Tony Broscomb.






Adjudicator: Jeannie Russell GODA

ONE ACT FESTIVAL 23, 24, 25 JULY 2000


The winner of FEATS 2000 will be eligible for invitation to take part in this festival



present the

Munsbach Summer School 2000

This is NOT a millennial message, but a "business as usual" call: this year, the New World Theatre Club of Luxembourg is not only hosting the Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies (FEATS), but also running its usual residential summer theatre school at the Château de Munsbach from Saturday 5 to Sunday 13 August.

What we WILL do, though, is shed false modesty and urge you to share with the scores who have gone before and who come time and again an experience which is truly extraordinary. Yes, it is a short burst of intensive training for theatre enthusiasts, and yes, it is not alone in that. But the way Munsbach has evolved and integrated ; the way the venue serves the venture; the creative surge and interaction that develops – all these we know, with a dozen schools to our credit, to be very special indeed. All sorts of students of all ages and "abilities" (though such notions, like success, let alone failure, are meaningless in this supportive yet adventurous environment) have found this a deeply fulfilling, and in some cases even life-changing time.

For those who are unacquainted with the venue, whether first hand or by repute, the Château de Munsbach is a lovely old "manoir", with quite a chequered history (it’s frequently been cast in projects), set in its own park in rolling farmland on the edge of Munsbach village, some 10 km. from Luxembourg City, just off the Trier motorway, 5 minutes from the airport, on the local railway line. It provides accommodation for about 50 students as well as offering all sorts of interesting spaces. 

The school is fully integrated, bringing together fifty theatre enthusiasts, happy to commit almost every waking hour for eight days to developing their skills, their knowledge, their trust, their instincts. The course is run by a team of four tutors, professional theatre practitioners with a passion for teaching, to share their knowledge and experience with committed and enthusiastic amateur practitioners. Our Course Director is Mike McCormack, actor, director and university lecturer. The second member of the team is Graeme du Fresne, actor, director, teacher, Musical Director and co-founder Director of In Fieri Theatre. Both are well known to habitués of Munsbach. They will be accompanied, for the first time, by Peta Lily, movement specialist, performer and teacher. The fourth member of the team will be announced later.

Activity revolves entirely around project work designed to accommodate both directing and acting students. Tutors work with students throughout the day and the various projects interweave from time to time: there are sessions where staff move across from one project to another ; particular explorations may be shared or pooled ; there may be developments that briefly pull in the entire student body. By the end of the week, everyone will have sampled something of the experience of everyone else.

Projects, with equal time dedicated to each, run side-by-side right through the week, offering a choice from four "theatrical skills" options (e.g. directing, music, movement, improvisation etc.), four more thematically-based options and a third project, occupying fewer hours, in which the tutors act as guides and mentors and the student body leads.

All this fits into a deceptively simple timetable, the fruit of much deliberation over the years: the form and content of the course have always evolved out of the work done and from feedback at the closing session of each school. 

The all-in charges for the Summer School are:

day student fee BEF 18 000, deposit BEF 8 000
residential student fee BEF 25 000, deposit BEF 10 000

For a Reservation Form or more information, contact: (insert country code +352 )

Coordinators: Chris Bearne, 4 Montée d’Oetrange, OETRANGE, L-5351 Luxembourg 
(tel: home 358 977 ; office 4379-3328 ; fax: 4379-3362 ; e-mail: )

John Brigg, 1 Rue T. Eberhard, L-1451 LUXEMBOURG
(tel. home 44 66 80 ; office 26 488 320 ; fax 26 488 610 ; e-mail:)

Treasurer: Mike Wolstencroft, Rue du Moulin 18, L–7423 Dondelange, Luxembourg 
(tel. 30 89 32 )

Or visit the Munsbach website where you can follow updates and learn more of the school and its history.

New Publications

The Amateur Theatre Yearbook 2000

Researched & Compiled by Jill Steatfeild

Platform Publications Ltd., Hampden House, 2 Weymouth Street, London W1N 3FD

£16.00 + £2.00 p&p

The newest edition of the Amateur Theatre Yearbook was published in December. Fully updated (even the new phone numbers which take effect from April are included), this book is the best theatrical reference book you can buy and is designed specifically for those involved in amateur theatre. It includes a directory of amateur theatre assistance, a directory of venues throughout the country, a super index of suppliers, organisations, publishers and publications. This is a book that should be part of every society’s library.

The Guide to Selecting Plays for Performance

90th Edition (January 2000 - December 2002)

Samuel French Ltd., 52 Fitzroy Street, London W1P 6JR

£7.50 (postage free in U.K.)

The 90th edition of The Guide, published in January, has nearly 600 pages containing cast and story details of around 2000 titles which Samuel French Ltd. has available for amateur performance within the British Isles.

The plays are arranged in four sections - full length, one act and revue sketches, plays for children and young people, pantomimes and seasonal plays - and the titles are indexed according to the number of characters and period and/or type of play to help companies choose a play for production. In addition, a general index and authors’ index provide a quick reference point.

From the Editor .......Mailing List Update

Thank you to everyone who responded to my request in the December issue for confirmation that your address is correct and that you do still want to receive this newsletter.

However, the overall response was somewhat disappointing. I received only 23 replies out of nearly 90 copies that were posted. The response to the e-mail edition was better (51 out of 86 replied), but then it is much easier to respond to an e-mail.

This means that for 75% of the mailing list, either

    the newsletter went to the wrong address

    or the recipients don’t want the newsletter

    or most people don’t read to the last page

I am going to assume it got lost amongst all the Christmas mail.

So, I have NOT deleted the names of the people who didn’t respond. I am very sorry if you really don’t want to receive it - just send it back saying "not known at this address" and I will delete you, I promise !  I just hope that I am not wasting postage by mailing sixty odd copies to the wrong address.

See you all at FEATS in Luxembourg in June.

Information for the Newsletter should be sent to:

Tony Broscomb
Bramleys, Main Street, Shudy Camps
Cambridge CB1 6RA, UK

Tel:     Fax:

Please let me know if you change your address - and please continue to send me newsletters and other information about theatrical activities in your area and any other comments or ideas about FEATS for inclusion in this Newsletter.

What’s On in Europe

Date, Event, Venue, Contact for further details

4-6 & 11-13 April Endgame & Play Gasperich Hall, Luxembourg, New World Theatre Club

One Act plays by Samuel Beckett 

Contact: +352-35 89 77 (a.m. only)

4-8 April Guys & Dolls Aula du College de Nyon, Geneva Amateur Operatic Society

Music & Lyrics by Frank Loesser +41-22-341.51.92

4-8 & 11-13 April The Beauty Queen of Leenane Warehouse Studio, Irish Theatre Group, Brussels

Contact: +32-2-688 04 37

11-23 April Beyond Therapy by Christopher Durang, Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam, In Players

Contact: hrbotha@yahoo.com

29 April - 1 May Teechers by John Godber, Klokhuis Theatre, Antwerp (BATS)

Contact: Jill Franks

May 2000

5-7 May The Lion in Winter by James Goldman, Theater aan het Spui, The Hague (AATG)

Contact: Lesley Roberton,   

15-20 May Heart’s Desire & Ice Cream, Brotfabrik, Bonn, Bonn Players

One Act plays by Caryl Churchill 

23-27 May The Enemy of the People by Henrik Ibsen, Petite Casino Theatre, GEDS Geneva

Contact: Ann Oakley

9 - 12 June FEATS 2000 Municipal Theatre, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg (NWTC) 

Contact: Ann Overstall,

7 - 8 July British One-Act Finals North Wales Theatre Drama Assoc. of Wales, Llandudno 

Contact: Gary Thomas

23 - 29 July British All Winners Festival, Spa Pavilion Theatre, Felixstowe 

Contact: Tony Broscomb

5 - 13 August Munsbach Summer School, Chateau de Munsbach, Luxembourg (NWTC)

Contact: Chris Bearne

Please send information about your productions, workshops and other events for 
inclusion in the What’s On in Europe section of the newsletter and the web page.

Thanks, Tony 
editor {at} feats.org