Welcome to FEATS

Welcome to the new-look FEATS website.

And with the new look comes a new philosophy. In the dim and distant past the FEATS website was the principal source of news and information about the festival currently in preparation or even in progress.

But times change, and today the FEATS organising groups all have their own websites for communication purposes, not to mention access to an active FEATS Facebook group and a relatively new Instagram presence.

So the feats.eu website will in future be concentrating on providing a home for the FEATS shared experience, for the history and resources common to FEATS as a whole, not confined to a particular festival. You will find essential references, such as the rules and other guidance documents, FAQs, archive material dating back to the origins of FEATS, and the revived FEATS database, which gives the nitty-gritty on every single festival since 1976.

The site will also serve as the first port of call for newcomers to FEATS, whether as would-be participants or potential audience members. Visitors can discover how FEATS is organised behind the scenes from year to year and what they need to do to take part.

And we haven’t forgotten future FEATS. On the right – or below on some mobile devices – is a schedule showing planned festivals, with links where they exist already.

So please make yourself at home, explore the site and see what it has to offer. And if there’s anything missing – let us know. We’re very open to suggestions. You will find contact information at the bottom of the page.

Enjoy your visit!