30 January 2023

Are you friends with FEATS on Facebook?

 FEATs on FacebookFEATS The Hague becomes the FEATS official Facebook page.

For several years a number of FEATS Facebook groups have been created, mostly to follow a particular festival. Now, the decision has been taken to maintain a perennial group that will continue from one year to the next. The FEATS steering committee, meeting in Luxembourg yesterday, gave its approval to this joint initiative of AATG and NWTC.

FEATS The Hague therefore becomes simply FEATS, and the organisers of FEATS 2014 in Luxembourg are now playing a role in administering it. Future host groups will be encouraged to take it over in their turn.

So if you’re a Facebook user, follow the link above and discover a new way to follow FEATS news. And perhaps also contribute.

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