10 June 2023

FEATS 2014 results

 Yes, it’s early morning at the end of FEATS 2014 in Luxembourg. The curtain has come down for the last time, and a bunch of tired festival-goers are digesting the results. Our adjudicator, Jan Palmer Sayer, awarded the trophies as follows:

  • First place: Hamburg Players with Amateurs by David Auburn
  • Second place: Semi-Circle with The Extraordinary Revelations of Orca the Goldfish by David Tristram
  • Third place: The Irish Theatre Group with A Night in November by Marie Jones
  • Best presentation: LWTC with It’s on You, John by Charlie Lucarotti
  • Stage management: AATG with La Franco by Anne-Marie Bellefroid
  • Original script: The Ribbon by Guy Las (Entity Theatre)
  • Best actor: Caraigh McGregor (Irish Theatre Group) in A Night in November by Marie Jones
  • Best actress: Ellen Bergman (Hamburg Players) in Amateurs by David Auburn
  • Discretionary award: NEAT for the opening sequence in Death by Woody Allen

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