30 January 2023

Invitation to the FEATS Fringe

 Nigel Harvey in the 2006 FEATS FringeThe troupes are assembled for FEATS 2014, so now the time has come to send out invitations to contribute to the FEATS Fringe.

If you or your group would like to be part of FEATS 2004 (Luxembourg, 6-9 June 2014), read on. And don’t cry, Nigel, it’s not that bad!

Hello All,

As you know FEATS is being held in Luxembourg this year, from 6th to 9th June and – because it is so popular – there will once again be The (Fabulous) Fringe. Groups or individuals are encouraged to offer any kind of performance or ‘event’ in order to stimulate, satisfy and entertain audiences.

The Fringe will take place in the afternoons, in a room in the Kinnesksbond complex. The facilities will be fairly basic – raked seating and a flat floor area the acting area is on the flat, no wings or curtains. Stage lighting will be similarly simple – just on or off with very limited capacity for specials. Sound is also not elaborate. A basic system will be provided which can operate either with CD’s or a laptop (you must bring your own, no laptop is provided but note that we cannot assure universal compatibility). There will be a screened off area for changing in the exhibition area which is downstairs from the foyer/Café FEATS.  There will be and mirrors in nearby toilets for makeup.

Timing will be 40 minutes maximum, and start at 13:15, 15:00 and 16:15. We have 8 slots, starting Saturday 7th with 3 slots, Sunday also has 3 slots and on Monday only the first two are available. If shorter pieces are scheduled, we could possibly look at having a longer piece to compensate.

There is no adjudication and no specific rules as to types of pieces we will consider e.g. including music is fine so long as you need no fancy equipment. Slots will be allocated according to how many groups show interest so cannot be guaranteed. Preference will generally be given to groups not competing in the main competition.

If you would like to propose something, please reply to fringe@feats.lu by 21st Feb. Please include a brief description with specific details about genre, number of cast, duration, etc. as we want to ensure a balanced mix. Some groups have already sent in expressions of interest but please confirm if you will be going ahead or not.

Thanks and regards,

Rachel Parker for FEATS Fringe

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