The Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies


June 1997

16 - 19 May 1997
Prize Winners!

In this issue ...


FEATS’97 ...


FEATS’97 Prize Winners

Prize Winner
Phillips Cup for 1st Place Anglo-American Theatre Group
Laundry and Bourbon
James McLure
Mervyn Briscoe Award for 2nd Place Geneva English Drama Society
The Ark
Helen Griffin
Wedgewood Trophy for 3rd Place Stockholm Players
Hey Hey Good-Looking
Gary Clarke
Adjudicator’s Discretionary Award MOSACT - for clever use of lighting, sound and music
Verulam Award for Best Original Script Gary Clarke, Stockholm Players
Hey Hey Good-Looking
Best Actor Graeme Cooper,
Frankfurt English Speaking Theatre

The Guard in Forward to the Right
Ann Lily Green
Best Actress Beverley Rousset,
Geneva English Drama Society

Cecilia in The Ark
Helen Griffin
The Grand Duchy Award for Best Stage Presentation Leiden English Speaking Theatre
The Dark Lady of the Sonnets
G.B. Shaw
The Marcel Huhn - Bruno Boeye Trophy for Stage Management Stockholm Players
Hey Hey Good-Looking
Gary Clarke

A Review of FEATS’97

Friday evening ...

MOSACT, Maastricht Milonga de Javú by Marq Riley
BATS Antwerp The Accidental Poke by John Romeril
ATC Brussels On Tidy Endings by Harvey Fierstein

Saturday evening ...

AATG The Hague Laundrey and Bourbon by James McLure
LEST Leiden The Dark Lady of the Sonnets by G.B.Shaw
ESTEC Noordwijk Layers by David Eaton

Sunday evening ...

The Stockholm Players Hey Hey Good-looking by Gary Clarke
Tagora Strasbourg Last Chance Café‚ by David Clow

Monday evening ...

ESOC Darmstadt I Spy by John Mortimer
The Village Players Lutry The Jewish Wife by Bertolt Brecht
GEDS Geneva The Ark by Helen Griffin

(With the exception of the last evening, the above reviews were written before the Awards were announced.)




FEATS’98 will be hosted by the British American Theatrical Society (BATS) and will take place at The Arenberg Theatre in Antwerp, from 29 May - 1 June 1998.
For more information, please contact
Angela Dodds
Róisín Dore
FEATS’98 At this stage there is really nothing else to say about FEATS’98. The BATS FEATS Organising Committee is up and running, under the co-chairmanship of Angela and Róisín; the theatre is booked and Russell Whiteley has accepted the invitation to be the Adjudicator. Invitation letters will be sent out in the next couple of weeks to all 25 groups in the selection table (see Selection Procedure below).

Future FEATS
The Steering Committee received two interesting and well prepared proposals for hosting the festival in 1999, one from Hamburg Players and the other from GEDS Geneva. During the "FEATS Forum", which was held in the Theatre on Sunday afternoon, it was confirmed that there was a sufficient nucleus of Groups prepared and keen to support FEATS at either of these locations. Following a detailed review and discussion of the proposals after the Forum., the FEATS Steering Committee decided to accept the GEDS proposal.

FEATS’99 will be hosted by GEDS in Geneva and will be held at the Forum Theatre Meyrin which is located about 6km from the centre of the city. An Organising Committee has already been formed, chaired by Jane Easton.

FEATS 2000 ("Millennium FEATS") will be hosted by the New World Theatre Club (NWTC) in Luxembourg.

The Steering Committee would like to thank Peter Bigglestone and the Hamburg Players for their efforts and interest in hosting FEATS and hope that it will be possible to hold the festival in Hamburg at some future date.


Selection Procedure for FEATS
There are currently some 25 groups that are known to be interested in FEATS. Each year, 12 groups have to be selected to take part in the next Festival. Immediately after the festival, ALL groups are contacted by next year’s host (BATS for FEATS’98) and asked whether or not they would like to be included in the selection. Selection is then made in September based on a table in which all the groups have been divided into 3 lists - groups that perform are moved to the bottom of their respective list and the top 4 from each list who have confirmed their wish to take part are then invited to compete the following year.
After FEATS’97, the updated lists are as follows:
List A List B List C
Hamburg Players ECC, Brussels Copenhagen Theatre Circle
British Embassy Players, Bonn Semi-Circle, Basel CATS Rheindalen
Round Tower, Luxembourg Theatre de Waanzin, Ghent In Players, Amsterdam
NWTC, Luxembourg Irish Theatre Group, Brussels Little Theatre, Geneva
ESOC, Darmstadt Welton Theatre Club ATC, Brussels
Stockholm Players FEST, Frankfurt BATS, Antwerp
Village Players, Lutry GEDS, Geneva AATG, The Hague
MOSACT, Maastricht LEST, Leiden Tagora, Strasbourg

ESTEC, Noordwijk
This process is intended to allow groups to plan their participation in FEATS more effectively. For example, a group that is high on the list can decide not to take part one year knowing that that they will remain at the top of the list for selection the following year. If you would like to know more about the Selection Procedure, please contact me or a member of the Steering Committee.

Shakespeare’s Globe The new Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London is now in full production. The Opening Season started on 27 May 1997 with a production of Henry V. Other productions this summer (running through until 21 September) include The Winter’s Tale, A Chaste Maid of Cheapside and The Maids Tragedy. A variety of other events are also taking place at the Globe including an excellent exhibition, playreadings, workshops, evening lectures and concerts of Elizabethan music.
How to book:
Shakespeare’s Globe Box Office P.O. Box 43,
London WC2H 7LD tel: +44-171-401 9919
If you would like to support the Globe Theatre project and receive the
Globe Theatre magazine and other benefits, contact:
Keith Elliott, Membership Secretary, Friends of Shakespeare’s Globe,
P.O. Box 70, London SE1 9EN

MUNSBACH SUMMER SCHOOL 1997 Tenth Anniversary
Summer Theatre School
The New World Theatre Club is pleased to announce that it will again be hosting a residential summer theatre school at the Chateau de Munsbach near Luxembourg City, from Saturday 2 August to Sunday 10 August 1997. This year the course will again be under the direction of Michael McCormack (actor, director and university lecturer) with the help of Greame Du Fresne (musical director, actor, pianist, lecturer), Noel Greig (actor, writer and director) and Helen Ireland (musical director and tutor), all of who have been with us before.
For more information about the 1997 Munsbach Summer School, contact:
Chris Bearne, 4 Montee d’Oetrange,
OETRANGE, L-5351 Luxembourg.
tel: +352-358977 (h), +352-4379-3328 (o),
fax: +352-4379-3362,
John Brigg,
1 Rue T. Eberhard,
L-1451 Luxembourg.
tel: +352-446680 (h), +352-456790 (o)

FEATS Steering Committee

From the Editor .....

..... Tony Broscomb

Information for the Newsletter can be sent to:
Tony Broscomb,
Bramleys, Main Street,
Shudy Camps, Cambridge CB1 6RA, UK.
tel: +44-1799-584920; fax: +44-1799-584921;


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