What if my group would like to take part in FEATS?

FEATS is open to theatre groups based in continental Europe (i.e. not the UK or Ireland). It’s an amateur competition: the FEATS rules say that no one may be paid for taking part in FEATS.

Entries from new groups are welcomed; however, any group planning to take part in FEATS for the first time is strongly encouraged to take part in the Fringe, which is an addition to the main competitive festival. The Fringe festival is held during the afternoons and provides an opportunity for groups to present some form of theatrical entertainment that does not have to comply with the rules of the main festival. It also allows groups which have not been selected for the main festival to put on a production.

FEATS is a non-profit-making group run by a voluntary steering committee, and as such can make no payments to clubs which enter the festival, nor can any contribution be made to costs such as travel or accommodation. All the FEATS community clubs, therefore, pay their own expenses, in addition to which we charge an entrance fee of €130 to each group which performs in the festival (although not in the Fringe). Participating groups must also provide a performance bond, currently set at €300, which is usually refundable. But careful! It may be forfeited, wholly or partly, in case of failure to appear or serious transgressions of the rules.

Other useful information can be found in the FEATS rules.

If you need to know more, or would like to express an interest in taking part, please contact FEATS.